UI Design

UI design is where we create the visual components your users interact with on your product. We ensure every element is clear and appealing to your target audience.

Without great UI design, great UX design goes to waste.

Your product might be fully functional, but if you don’t nail the visual components your customers may still have a poor experience.

Improper visual hierarchy

Without clean and digestible UI design, users can struggle to find the information they need. Simply put, it’s not effective.

Low credibility

People equate good-looking products with high-quality products. The opposite is also true. Poor UI design is often interpreted as a poor-quality product.

Your competitors look better

If your product UI design looks amateur compared to your competitors, you’ll be hard-pressed to attract and retain customers.

Incohesive branding

UI design influences how your brand is perceived, and if it’s not cohesive with your brand it can quickly cause confusion.

Is strategic, creative UI design missing from your product?

Our team draws from our deep UI design agency expertise and applies a strategic approach and toolkit to bring your product vision to life.

We’re UI specialists

We have a team of dedicated UI designers experienced in product design. We design for creative aesthetics and your overarching product goals.

We’re always thinking about UX

Each choice we make is intentional. Every element is engineered to solve a real problem, for a real person, in a way that feels effortless. After all, design is only functional when it works.

We connect UI to your brand

We always consider UI design services in the context of your brand, adhere to brand guidelines, and create a cohesive experience that provides users with a sense of familiarity with your brand.

We’re experienced with development

We have extensive in-house experience with design and development, so our design is always functional and built to adhere to development best practices while still pushing creative boundaries.

We put all these pieces together. The result? Stunning product UI.

Each one of these aspects of UI design plays a key role in your product’s success.

  • We gather visual references such as layouts, components, typography, and colour palette to align our team with yours and provide direction on the look and feel of your product UI design.

  • High-fidelity mockups add visual style and details to the low-fidelity work done in the UX phase. They bring the experience closer to what users see and provide input for our web developers.

  • Our UI designers use fonts that enhance readability and help users avoid visual fatigue. Strategic typography also creates an appealing emotional impression for your users.

  • Icons help to represent key concepts and product features. They’re easily scannable for users, allow for more white space, and deliver a more elegant experience.

  • We create a style guide with rules for the use of all visual elements and UI design in your product. This creates coherence for users and provides instruction for your development team.

  • We carefully create design components that can be used throughout your product. This creates a level of familiarity with the types of content users are interacting with, and improves the efficiency of future design and development.

  • We conduct a thorough QA of the implemented designs and communicate with your head of product or product engineers to ensure consistent design application throughout your product.

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