We run on heart, hustle, and a lot of caffeine.

Better together.

We’re a team that rolls up our sleeves and does great work together. Now, we’re all a little different, but that’s what we celebrate. It’s what makes the “us” great. There are no egos here. We’re competitive together, but not with each other – except maybe in line for coffee. We’re down to earth people who give it our all, day in and day out.

We weren't kidding about the caffeine. We really do love coffee.
The cafe is probably our favourite hangout spot.
Gotta love team lunches, the last Friday of every month.
The Party Planning Committee instituted "Treat Tuesdays". We're not complaining.
The Tiller library is basically a business and marketing gold mine.
From hoops to ping pong, we know how to play.
You can usually find us eating outside in the summer. Not so much in the winter.
We love supporting our clients! And we don't clean up too bad either.
When Chantelle was nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year, we were there cheering her on.
Like it or not, we love to celebrate birthdays.
The Tillies (our version of the Dundies) are an annual favourite.
It doesn't matter what we're doing - we're usually having fun.
All of our great work comes from great collaboration.

Books that inspire us.

Our ability to learn is our competitive advantage. The more we understand, the more we grow. Here are just a few of the books that have helped us get to where we are today.

Principles we live by.

These are a few of the principles that guide how we think, speak, and act. When we see each other live them out, we celebrate. In fact, we do it weekly with Friday Shout-outs.

Be customer-obsessed


Stay curious


Fight for clarity


Think outside the box


Connect the dots


Zoom out, zoom in


Raise your hand


See something, say something


Be an advocate


Go the extra mile


Do what is right, not what is easy


Details matter


Drive momentum


Radical ownership


No ceilings


Do we sound like your kind of people?

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