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Your logo. Custom designed to speak to your audience and stand out from competitors.

It’s not you…
it’s your logo.

As a logo design agency, we see this problem all the time. You’ve got a great offering, but your logo isn’t resonating with your audience. Why?

You whipped it up quickly to get to market
It’s outdated and hasn’t kept up with your business
It’s too specific to a single facet of your offering
It doesn’t make sense to your audience

Get a custom logo design tailored to your business.

We design for more than aesthetics. Our expert brand designers have done brand work for all kinds of tech and SaaS companies. So you aren’t just getting an attractive logo. You’re getting strategic thinking, industry insights, and a whole lot of creativity.

Versatile enough to scale

We’re always thinking ahead, so we’ll make sure your logo’s ready to scale and adapt as you do.

For your specific audience

We design your logo to appeal to your ideal customers.

With clear guidelines

We provide the file formats and brand guidelines you need to apply your logo out in the wild.

Here’s how we do it.

  • We always begin our logo design services with a strategic phase where we get clarity on your business goals, key audiences, and the core brand elements we’ll leverage to meet your needs.

  • We write and share a brief that outlines a creative approach and requirements for your brand. This helps align our team with yours as we begin the creative process.

  • We work with you to assemble a collection of various branding styles and examples. Moodboarding helps us identify the most effective direction for your brand.

  • We explore many potential directions and iterations for your logo and then present the most promising concepts to you in digital or hand-drawn form.

  • We take shortlisted sketches and deepen them into more polished black and white concepts. This is also where we start to refine icons, lettering, and other visual elements.

  • Here we introduce colour for the first time. We apply it to your top black and white concepts and further fine-tune the details.

  • We use style tiles to represent how the colour concepts would feel in various contexts. These are tailored to possible use cases for your brand.

  • We explore and define your primary colour palette, identify supporting colours for accents, highlights, and notifications, and incorporate neutral colours to support your overall brand identity.

  • We carefully consider and select the typographic elements that will deliver to your strategic goals and complement your logo and colour palette.


Logo package

We provide variations of your logo to suit both digital and print uses. We provide these in both colour and black and white formats.

Brand guidelines

We provide you with a detailed document that tells you exactly how to apply your visual elements in different settings.

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