Brand Guidelines

We provide you with a detailed manual that gives your team clear and precise direction on brand usage. Down to the pixel.

Brand guidelines protect your brand from stuff like this...

Inconsistent use of colour
Skewed logo placement
Poor logo visibility
Confusion on logo versions
Incohesive use of typography
Conflicting graphic styles

Brand guidelines help you maintain a clear, cohesive brand.

You’ve put a lot of work into your brand, and we would hate for you to lie awake at night wondering if it will actually deliver results. We give you the guidelines you need for consistent application.

Direct your team

Brand guidelines give everyone direction on how to cohesively apply brand assets such as logo design, colour, and typography in different settings.

Build brand equity

Consistently recognizable brands are often perceived as more valuable and allow you to adjust your price point to reflect the quality of your product or service.

Increase customer engagement

Customers turn to brands they’re familiar with. Brand guidelines ensure your audience always has the same experience with your brand, no matter where they come across it.

Here’s what our brand guidelines include.

  • The logo anatomy provides a clear description of the primary logo design. It typically includes a combination of an icon and a wordmark.

  • The minimum clear space details the boundaries and distance the logo should receive from all other content elements.

  • Minimum size guidelines ensure all elements of a logo are both visible and recognizable when displayed at small sizes.

  • Logo misuse provides a variety of examples of potential improper use of the logo which can damage your brand in the market.

  • Logo variations outline acceptable uses of the logo beyond the primary logo anatomy. This allows for cohesive versatility in logo use.

  • Clearly defined brand colours help maintain brand consistency across a wide range of digital and print environments.

  • Defined brand typography helps build a consistent, recognizable brand and makes it easier for readers to consume.

  • Imagery guidelines help you stick with cohesive image styles and treatments and accurately communicate the right messages through imagery.

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